Our Journey

For many of us, our introduction to cohousing was Windsong, a community started in Langley over 20 years ago which continues to be a success today. We began as a small group of people and brainstormed many ideas. Ideas and eagerness were never in short supply. The issue was always finding an appropriate piece of land, a challenge most cohousing groups struggle with. At last we found the perfect property in central Langley, close to public transit and many amenities.

All cohousing projects are started at the grassroots, and many cohousing communities act as their own developer and project manager. However, we wanted to shorten the learning curve, reduce the risk, and avoid pitfalls. We did this by enlisting the support of a builder who would work with us and take the time to learn about cohousing. We found those people in the Lark Group, a respected locally based, Canada-wide builder and developer.


We also needed an architect and found a great firm (Ankenman Marchand Architects) who have tremendous experience, both locally and with cohousing.

This is an extremely exciting time for Compass Cohousing and an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to live in cohousing.

The most wonderful things about this journey have been the friends we have made, the relationships we have built and the trust and camaraderie that come from working toward a common goal.

By the time we’re done, we will have created a community of 40 strata titled homes.

We are ready to create our new community — YOUR new community… if you want it. This is where, together, we are building our new home.


Langley’s New Village Opportunity

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    Kids at Compass

    At Compass Cohousing we are creating a multi-generational community that is kid friendly. Although all generations are welcome and valued, we think families with children will be one of our greatest assets.

    The benefits that accrue to parents and children in cohousing are many.

    Imagine not having to drive your kids to play dates because their friends already live right next door. All they need to do is take a short stroll to the common house to use the play room or go outside to frolic in the enclosed courtyard. Safe and always under the watchful eyes of their neighbours.

    Parents, imagine being able to run a few errands while your neighbours watch over your kids for an hour or two. And, if you want an evening out, some of the older kids would be pleased to make a few extra dollars babysitting. All you need to do is knock on your neighbours’ door.


    Kids in cohousing have the advantage of getting to know the older generation who are respected and trusted members of their community. Wisdom and skills are passed from one generation to the next and the senior members of the community stay young at heart by interacting with the kids. Everyone benefits.

    For the older kids and teens we have a place in the Common House where they can get away for a movie night with friends. Imagine your teen being able to say to his or her friends, “Why not bring your guitar over to my place? We have a music room with a drum set, P.A. system and amps. We can rock out all day.”

    Compass Cohousing will be a place where kids learn what community can be. They will learn about cooperation, compromise, consensus building and working together to create a caring environment for all.

    Our Community

    Front Exterior 3
    Courtyard 3
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    Compass Cohousing will be a multi-generational community of 40 strata titled units, with a variety of amenities in a large common house.

    We are delighted to have secured a prime building location at 20353 – 66th Avenue in Langley, with excellent transit access and in easy walking distance of shopping, medical services, restaurants and more.

    Our Members


    Time passes; family grows and disperses; such is the natural progression of Life. I seek a connected group of individuals with whom to forge a neighbourly bond. I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, swimming, and solving (rarely) crosswords. I have been an avid dragonboater since 2004. A senior and retired teacher, I feel I have much to contribute to a multigenerational community.


    Doug has had three distinct careers. He spent 7 years teaching English in high school and at what is now Trinity Western University, then owned and operated a photo studio, The Inner Image, here in Langley. Since 1989 he has worked in the software world, where he developed, marketed and supported a package for charities. He is now semi-retired. Doug spent about 10 years of his childhood in Cameroon in west-central Africa, where his father was a mission doctor; his education led to a B.A. and an M.A in English. He is actively involved in his church and in the Langley Community Chorus where, in addition to singing, he has the responsibility of arranging concert venues. Other interests include reading, travel, photography and bridge. He has been drawn to cohousing since attending a presentation by Chuck Durrett about ten years ago. Doug and Sue have two sons and three granddaughters.


    Sue believes cohousing will be a great place for Doug (who is very social) and herself (a homebody). She grew up in Portland and lived in California and Washington before moving to BC in 1967. She has a business degree and has enjoyed working as secretary in several different venues. Since retiring, she has enjoyed volunteering at the Langley Food Bank. She also likes to read and cruise.


    Hi, my name is Christian, I go by Chris. I was born and raised in Langley, and I am a awesome guy. I am a Spokesperson for Special Olympics BC, and am a Athlete in the organisation. I’ve also done public speaking on behalf of that sports organisation and others as a self advocate. In spare time I like playing Games, and just hanging around.


    Gordon is a retired lawyer who moved to BC in 1990 from Nova Scotia. He has lived in Fort Langley for over 24 years and has raised three children in this community. He is interested in home renovations, making music, documentary film, antiques and repurposing items to prolong their usefulness. His interest in cohousing stems from a desire to live along side a group of community-minded individuals who value the benefits that accrue to reducing their footprint and sharing skills and talents for the benefit of the community. He views cooperation and close relationships as elements missing from most present day housing developments. He considers these things to be the backbone of any successful, thriving and healthy community.


    Grant was born and raised in Victoria along with two brother and two sisters. He often accompanied his father (a contractor) to work. He went to BCIT and trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and has a wide variety of experience in manufacturing, missions and helping refugees.


    Loriane worked in a library for nine years and has worked in a mail centre. She was the faculty assistant to the religious Studies department at Trinity Western University. She retired three years ago and is now volunteering at A Rocha. She enjoys gardening, crafts and reading.


    Vern is a father of two and a grandfather to four. He drove a bus for many years but now enjoys retirement. He enjoys making mead, wine and likes carving. Now is the time to downsize and cohousing, working and living in a community of friends as neighbours is very appealing.


    Donna is a mother of two and grandma to four. She spent many years being an accountant, but since her retirement she has enjoyed living in Harrison Hot Springs. She would like to move closer to her family who live in Langley and Vancouver. A cohousing community seems very exciting to her and having neighbours as friends and sharing in the lives of young children and their parents is very special. In her spare time she likes to cook, read, do yoga, visit with friends and family and cuddle with her two dogs and two cats.


    Elizabeth was born and raised in Ontario but made British Columbia her home almost four decades ago. She is the proud mother of three millennials and grandmother to a cat named Spencer. Beginning at age 14, Elizabeth has spent much time in the volunteer sector. Her favourite volunteer gig was the eight years she spent as Head Coach of the Ridge Meadows Special Olympics swim team. Most of Elizabeth’s working life was spent as a pharmacist, in a variety of hospital and community settings. Hobbies include bonsai, reading, hiking, soup-making and gardening. She has belonged to a community garden in Maple Ridge since 2017 and is especially proud of her espaliered Japanese pear tree.


    Brittany is a social worker with Fraser Health and an avid volunteer. She enjoys board games, reading, knitting and cooking. She was raised in Maple Ridge and looks forward to moving to Langley. She has experienced first hand the deep isolation that comes from living on your own without community as a young single woman. She believes that co-housing offers a way to move from the loneliness of modern living through the building of neighbourhood communities.


    Michelle was born in Vancouver and is a Generation Xer. She has worked in healthcare for over 20 years and enjoys contributing to the health and well-being of others. Her hobbies include: gardening, lapidary, rock hounding, silversmithing, working on crafts, making jewelry, metal detecting, and photography. She also loves adventure, traveling the world, camping, exploring nature and spending time with her family and friends. Michelle believes that intentionally choosing to live within a community of diverse, like minded individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities will not only enrich peoples lives, but also create a balanced sense of well-being. Besides a more sustainable lifestyle, she anticipates having the ability to retain individual privacy while also having meaningful day to day connections with friends and neighbours, for her, will provide a cohesive way of living. Michelle is looking forward to the completion of Compass and sharing our new community with fellow Compass Members.


    Oliver grew up on a cul-de-sac in a small town, surrounded by family and friends. He thinks that if many hands make light work, than living in cohousing is the epitome of life. Oliver has worked in many fields such as: hospitality, warehousing and construction. His many interests include: lapidary, metal detecting, photography, camping, jewelry making, reading, wood working, electronics, brewing, and gaming (board and computer). Oliver looks forward to working, interacting and learning with his new friends in co-housing, as well as all the social and community events that he will enjoy taking part in for many years to come.


    Karla is a long time employee of Inclusion Langley Society, currently working in Facilities Management. She represents Inclusion Langley with the intent to acquire homes for people who wish to live independently in a supportive community environment. Karla is looking forward to helping others enjoy the warm, welcoming community spirit she has found in Compass Cohousing.


    John is an elementary school teacher and father of three who strongly believes in community. He enjoys life more fully when he works with others in a reasonably sized group. He has been interested in cohousing as a model for living for many years and is excited to be a part of this project and community.


    Langley’s New Village Opportunity

    Learn how we’re building a “best of both worlds” community right here in Langley. Includes our full story, who this is for and property details and amenities.