Currently, we are designing our residential units.
Now is a great time to get involved, so you have input to the design process.


Langley’s New Village Opportunity

Learn how we’re building a “best of both worlds” community right here in Langley. Includes our full story, who this is for and further details on the photos shown above.

    Common House Design

    The Common House is the heart of the community and offers many attractive amenities. Our Common House will be approximately 5300 square feet and will contain amenities such as: a large dining hall, a large kitchen and pantry, shared washers and dryers, guest suites, lounge areas (including a roof top adult lounge with patio and gardens), a children’s play area, a multi-purpose room, a woodworking shop, a crafts room and a music room.

    Dining Room & Kitchen

    An important activity in cohousing are group dinners which are held several times a month. Breaking bread with your neighbours allows the time to catch up and share stories and experiences.

    Shared Washers & Dryers

    This amenity allows you the option of opting out of having a washer and dryer in your unit and using that space for additional storage.

    Lounge Areas

    Lounge areas are great places to sit and read of meet with friends for a chat. We are particularly pleased with our roof top lounge and garden area. This will be a great place to watch the sun set.

    Guest Rooms

    Having company and need some extra space to accommodate them? They can stay in our guest rooms while visiting. A part of the community yet a private space.

    Children’s Indoor Play Area

    This is a safe place for children to play any time, but especially on rainy days. Windows allow adult supervision from the dining room and the kids even get their own bathroom.

    Multi-Purpose Room

    This is a terrific area for yoga, dance and art classes as well as larger meetings. The room will also have some essential exercise equipment for your daily workout.

    Crafts Room

    A crafts room will provide storage for all sorts of crafting supplies and space for groups to get together to create whatever their hearts desire.

    Woodworking Shop

    Leaving no space unused, the woodworking shop is located in the parkade level and will be fully equipped with all manner of saws, drills sanders and most everything you could need to complete any wood project.

    Music Room

    Also at the parkade level is a music rehearsal studio suitably soundproofed and able to accommodate individual musicians or an entire band. The room will be equipped with guitar and bass amps, a drum kit, mics and a P.A. system.


    Common House Specs Available for Download

    Get a detailed look at every level of our proposed common house. Includes details on the lounge, children’s play room, guest rooms, dedicated music room, fully stocked workshop, BBQ, fire pit and much more.