Join our upcoming info session to learn more about a unique style of living that brings the best of community together with private residences.

About the Info Session

Compass Cohousing is pleased to be offering an online Information Session for the cohousing curious. Come see what can happen when people choose the power of community as their answer to our increasingly individualistic world.

We will be sharing information about Compass Cohousing, a community we are working hard to build in central Langley. There will be opportunities to ask questions of our current members, and to become part of our community.


You’ll Learn:

  • 1
    What cohousing is… and what it’s not.
  • 2
    Why it’s a great fit for young parents, singles, seniors and anyone else who wants to have a real community that cares about them.
  • 3
    The details on our project in the heart of Langley, BC.
  • 4
    How to get involved if you’re looking for a new and fulfilling place to both raise your kids, enjoy the company of other folks and even age-in-place.

Register for the Info Session

Date: Tue., February 20th, 2024
Time: 7:00pm Pacific Time
Duration: 1.5 Hours

    *We do not sell, rent or otherwise share your private information with third parties.