No, I didn’t fall off the planet. Or climb under a rock. But I did take a small break from the “monthly” Compass newsletter.

As I sit here recovering from our most recent heatwave, I thought I’d briefly update you on what’s been going on here in these parts.

Because a lot has happened.

For one — 26 units (!) are now spoken for, including plenty of families. Expect the pitter-patter of lots of little feet come move-in time!

Next, we passed fourth reading – the final major bureaucratic hurdle before we can put shovels in the ground. There’s still some more paperwork to do (isn’t there always?), but we’re so happy to be done with all that.

Informal clubs and get together have also been sprouting like mushrooms after the rain.

All those new members with so many different interests are coming together in so many planned and unplanned ways — from pool parties to BBQ to early morning walks by the river – they aren’t waiting till we’re all living beside each other.

I myself am a proud member of the zythophile club. (Consider that your word of the day 😉 )

And with that said, I’d like to introduce you to Mr John Frederickson. He’s a long-time Compass’er, a fellow member of the beer club, and a funny fellow besides.

He joined Compass from a different situation than others. Here’s his story, as recently featured on the Black Press network.

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When John and Bea Frederickson move into Compass Cohousing in Langley, they’ll be living next to friends, not just neighbours. Learn more at
When John and Bea Frederickson move into Compass Cohousing in Langley, they’ll be living next to friends, not just neighbours. Learn more at

Even before moving in, cohousing provides community

Langley cohousing community offers the perfect balance of privacy, connection

When a marriage ends, many friendships and community relationships are deeply affected. For John Frederickson, that meant losing a supportive Langley community of neighbours and friends where his kids were growing up.

“Our family home was in a spectacular neighbourhood with lots of social interaction. When I moved out I was just devastated. One reason was that I thought I’d never find that kind of community again,” he says.

Frederickson moved in with his sister temporarily, but wasn’t sure what his next move should be. That’s when a friend brought up the idea of cohousing.

“I hadn’t thought about cohousing in 30 years! I went to a few of the planning meetings for Windsong when I was young, but I couldn’t afford to buy a home at the time. After my friend suggested it, I immediately Googled cohousing in Langley, found Compass, and went to an information session the following week.”

Cohousing means community, and choice

Compass Cohousing in Langley is a collection of 40 strata-titled homes where owners share generous communal spaces. The homes range from studio apartments to four-bedroom, three-level townhomes. Each home is entirely self-sufficient with full kitchens and bathrooms, but members of the community also enjoy a range of amenities including a dining hall with a gourmet kitchen, a workshop, several children’s play areas, guest rooms, work spaces and much, much more.

“I strongly believe that humans are meant to live in groups. We are social creatures; we don’t do well if we’re alone,” Frederickson says. “Compass is also vertically integrated — it’s not just young families or seniors, we have all generations present.”

There are successful examples of cohousing communities across BC and around the world, but each community contains unique characteristics designed by the people who will be living there. At Compass, residents are excited to prioritize safety and sustainability, alongside community values. The roof will be solar panel ready, 40 parking stalls will be equipped for electric vehicle charging, and all parking will be separated from living space to keep everyone, especially children, safe.

Coming in summer 2025

The building has just passed its fourth and final reading at Langley Council, and construction is expected to be complete by summer 2025. For Frederickson, the community building has already begun. He attends Compass strategy meetings every two weeks, as well as helping host information sessions for prospective new members. Social events include potlucks and beach gatherings where equity members get to know their future neighbours, and even a weekly Zoom where everyone samples the same beer.

“When I finally move into my unit, I’ll be moving in next to friends, not just neighbours. I’ll be living on the same level as the central courtyard. Life will be passing right in front of my door, and I’ll be able to step out onto the grass and join whatever’s going on. When my kids visit, they’ll be part of the community too.”

Compass Cohousing, is well over 60 per cent sold, but there are still a good variety of units on offer. It will be built near the corner of 203rd Street and 66th Avenue in a highly walkable part of Langley, close to many shops and services. To learn more, visit or email

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Many thanks to John for sharing his story.

Everyone joins Compass for different reasons. Some are recovering from tough times. Young families look forward to having some help with the wee ones. Others are getting older and like to have people around them that care.

But no matter the reason, wouldn’t it be nice if…

…You had neighbours that cared enough to help you through it?

Why not check us out and see if Compass is right for you. That starts with an info session.

Every two weeks, we hold a virtual “open house” to show you what cohousing is all about and Compass specifically.

And, just as importantly, you get to meet some of our members of our community too.

Our next session is just around the corner and the best way to learn about cohousing in general and Compass specifically.

As usual, by Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Registering is really easy. Just head to the site here or email either Doug ( or Michelle (

And that’s all for me. I feel like some ice cream…

For the Compass Cohousing Family,


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