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May the luck of the Irish be with you!

I’ve lived in the Vancouver area most of my life. I was born here, I went to school here and I’m raising my kids here too.

It’s a beautiful place to live. There is so much to see and explore. You can experience the city, the empty beach or pure farming country in just a few hours’ drive.

And it makes sense why, among other reasons, the real estate is so expensive here. And going up so fast. The more people want to move to a place, the higher the house prices will go. The only long-term way to slow that down is to build more houses.

That’s easier said than done, of course. And, in our own small way, we’re helping by converting land with one home on it into 40 here in Langley.

People sometimes ask if Compass will be cheaper or more expensive than what’s comparable around it.

The answer is… maybe.

On the one hand, we’re not out to make a profit. So the 15-20% a developer would take goes right back into our pockets.

But on the other, we have so much nicer amenities than many other developments. You know about the dedicated children’s room, adult lounge, music room, multiple BBQs, guest rooms, co-working space and so much more…

That all costs a bit more money. We’re a more premium project for sure.

So most likely, we’ll end up at market value plus or minus a few percent.

But – and this is important – cohousing is not just about the money. It’s not for people who are “just” looking for a place to live as it were any other old development. It’s for people who want to live in a way that brings community together, allows resources to be shared and just generally makes life richer.

Yes, you’re very likely to have a lower cost of living thanks to our ability to share things from Internet to hot water. But it’s the community that’s priceless for the right people.

One of those “right people” is Chris.

He joined Compass late last year and has been a real pleasure to have in our cohousing family. Here’s an article that will appear in three of the local papers this coming week…

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Spokesperson for Special Olympics BC takes a big step

“Many people think that autism is a disease. But it’s really not; I just work differently. Some things are easier and others are harder.” So says Christian Burton, a lifelong resident of Langley and spokesperson for Special Olympics BC.

For years, Chris thought that living on his own – something most people take for granted – might not be possible. But then he discovered Compass Cohousing, a new development located near the corner of 203rd Street and 66th Avenue in Langley. He’ll live in his own two-bedroom condo, and share skills, friendships, meals and more with his neighbours at the creative community.

“Cohousing is like living within a village, inside the bigger community of Langley. Everyone there is ready to support you, and you’re ready to help them if they need anything,” he says.

Chris first learned of Compass Cohousing through the Inclusion Langley Society, an organization that provides services for children with developmental or support needs and adults with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. The organization plans to purchase a number of units as a way to help their clients live more independent lives.

Chris, who currently relies on his family for support, sums it up well. “Having the Cohousing community allows me to live on my own.”

A view of the proposed common house that will include a children's room, music room, rooftop lounge, community gym, teens space, rooftop gardens, guest rooms and a business centre for work-at-home moms and dads.
A view of the proposed common house that will include a children’s room, music room, rooftop lounge, community gym, teens space, rooftop gardens, guest rooms and a business centre for those who work-from-home.

Spirit of collaboration

Compass Cohousing is a collection of 40 self-sufficient Strata titled homes surrounding a green space and the heart of the project – the Common House. It’s a shared place for all residents that offers a children’s playroom, music room, workshop, craft spaces and even a co-working space for those who work from home.

The community – the second in Langley and one of more than a dozen in BC – welcomes residents of all ages and abilities, including seniors, families and single adults like Chris. Each owns their own private home, and enjoys the benefits of having trusted friends right next door. There’s a spirit of collaboration, with neighbours sharing skills and experiences for the community’s benefit.

“I’m excited to have neighbours around. I can listen to music in the music room or maybe learn how to play an instrument. I may help teach people sports, or maybe gain new sports,” Chris says.

Chris is also excited at the central location of Compass Cohousing, just a block away from Costco, Walmart, Best Buy and other shopping. He enjoys going for walks and exploring his community, and says his new home is “close to everything.”

Join Us!

With more than half of the 40 homes now reserved, Compass Cohousing has recently begun to add new members faster than ever before. Still, there are good options available for both young families, those enjoying their golden years and singles like Chris.

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Thanks so much to Chris for sharing his story.

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