Compass members learn a lot more about a lot. Our lot, that is. Situated at 20353 66 Avenue, it is our future home. Tim pointed out several complexities: setbacks, traffic flow, slope and sunlight are just a few of the elements which will determine the eventual configuration of our design.

Our plans call for a neighbourhood of 34-37 multi-generational families in a community that fosters a sense of belonging. We feel safe knowing that neighbours are keeping an eye on our family and property. As community members, we support each other in times of need. We enjoy being together and plan many opportunities to share each other’s company both formally and informally. (Given the pandemic, we are presently protecting one another by holding meetings online)

Cohousing communities are custom designed neighbourhoods for–and co-developed by—future residents. We seek a home that is beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally sound. Importantly, we want the project to be affordable in the end. Because we actively participate in the process, we bring our skills and expertise to the planning table, so the build will come in on budget and on time. Our Builder is Surrey Lark Group of Surrey.

Compass has plans to include households for an immigrant family and to partner with Inclusion Langley Society to purchase a unit for one or more of its clients.

Currently, there are about 22 cohousing enterprises in BC in various stages of development from securing land, rezoning build site, building membership, and designing and constructing the neighbourhood. All look to the success of Windsong in Langley Township. It was the first cohousing community in Canada and is still vigorous after 20+ years. Compass Cohousing will be the second one in Langley.

Newcomers can become Associate Members by paying $250. for a four month period. They can attend meetings and join in the conversation. After 4 months, they can opt out or decide to become an Equity Member and exercise their voice in decision-making. That Equity membership payment is a shareholder’s loan to Compass Cohousing and is applied to the price of the Member’s unit.

Compass is actively seeking new members. For further information please contact us


Langley’s New Village Opportunity

Just enter your details below and wey’ll send you out our Project Briefing. You’ll learn more about cohousing and who it’s for, meet some of our members, see detailed drawings and get a really good idea of the community wey’re building here in Langley.