This summer, our group waited with increasing excitement as our social team, led by John, determined which day we would finally meet up at Aldergrove Regional Park for some badly needed, socially distanced, togetherness. Zoom meetings have their place and we’ve definitely had a lot of those lately as we participate in designing our future community. But seeing one another in three dimensions rather than two was an exciting prospect, as was the fun of just being together with no agenda other than to enjoy ourselves. But would the rain ever stop?

Finally a day was chosen. Rather than wait for a perfect day, we settled on a pretty good one. To keep it simple and safe, everyone was responsible for their own chairs, food and beverages. The gathering included equity and associate members, as well as a few special guests interested in meeting us. Several cohousing curious wild rabbits even put in appearances.

It turns out that Aldergrove Regional Park was the perfect setting for our group. We had picnic tables under cover close by, but never needed them. A large area of lawn presented opportunities for physical play which was enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The conversation and laughter flowed and flowed and flowed. Before we knew it, it was getting dark and we had to pack up and go home.

As I drove away, I marvelled at the amazing people that are on this cohousing journey with me. Although we come from different backgrounds and have different interests, we all share the dream of building a multigenerational community full of shared resources, shared fun and deeply human values. I feel very, very fortunate indeed to be part of this group.


Langley’s New Village Opportunity

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