We have signed a contract with the Township for the purchase of 1.33 acres of land centrally located in Langley.

The next stage is to grow our community, plan what our homes will look like, how many units we will build and what size they will be.

This is a very exciting time for Compass Cohousing and an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to live in a cohousing community.

The most wonderful things about this journey have been the friends we have made, the relationships we have built and the trust and camaraderie gendered in working toward a common goal. After 4 years of tireless work we are ready to create our new community. Your new community, if you want it. This is where the fun begins. Where, together, we build our future.


Langley’s New Village Opportunity

Just enter your details below and wey’ll send you out our Project Briefing. You’ll learn more about cohousing and who it’s for, meet some of our members, see detailed drawings and get a really good idea of the community wey’re building here in Langley.