CBC news has reported that: “Nearly three-quarters of the 3.4 million Canadians who began working from home at the start of the crisis were still working remotely in August, according to Labour Force Survey data released by Statistics Canada on Friday. Another survey suggests many of those new remote employees would like to continue working from home indefinitely.”

Working at home is a boon to many employees and companies, but it can come at the cost of feeling isolated. Cohousing is the antidote for that dilemma.

  • Work at home in community.
  • Know that your neighbours and friends are nearby. 
  • Take a social distancing break with people you know and trust. Those who care about your safety as much as they care about their own.
  • Need help with child care while working from home? Reach out to your neighbours to care for your kids while you are on that important Zoom conference.

Cohousing is intentional community that supports its residents. At no other time has it been more true that “we are all in this together” and that “it takes a village”.

Cohousing is that village.

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Join the future of residential living … community cohousing living.


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